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Yes, Oatmeal has the property to enable the skin to synthesize the required Natural Moisturizing Factor and also prevent more than the required water loss. Nourish Oat is non greasy and non sticky in nature and suitable for use throughout the year irrespective of season.
The main components in other moisturizers are lubricators and emollients which moisturize the skin, and coating film forming agents which prevent water loss.

However Nourish Oat apart from doing this also enhances the skin's capacity to produce its natural moisturizing factors. Nourish Oat also provides additional protective features like Anti oxidant, Anti UV light, Anti inflammatory, Anti fungal and Nutritive properties.
Nourish Oat contains mainly Oatmeal extracts with added Vitamin E which is an emollient, anti oxidant, anti inflammatory and UVB protectant. Nourish Oat also contains Dimethicone which gives it good spreadability and acts as an anti foaming agent and surfactant.
Yes, Clinical studies have been done on Oatmeal products right from the infant age groups to the elderly population and it has been seen to be both safe and effective.
Yes, Nourish Oat has undergone stringent patch testing and found to be very well tolerated, without sensitization. However in case of peeling skin, broken skin, wounds and oozing skin infections, please consult your treating physician.
Yes. Nourish Oat can be used along with medications like topical steroids, antimicrobials and various other therapies for different inflammatory skin conditions. Nourish Oat has not been seen to either react or change the efficacy of any known medication.
Nourish Oat contains substances like ferulic acid, coumaric acid and flavanoids which have protective action against UVA. Nourish Oat also contains Vitamin E which has natural protective action against UVB. Therefore Nourish Oat does offer natural protection against UV radiation in the sun for daily routine. However, if spending long hours in the sun or in cases of direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight, an added sunscreen with optimal SPF and PA factor is recommended.
Many signs of ageing are attributed to loss of natural moisturization and moisture retaining abilities of the skin. In addition Nourish Oat also contains antioxidants enzyme and substances which slow down skin ageing. Nourish Oat also contains anti- inflammatory substances like Avenanthramides which also contribute to reducing skin ageing.
Nourish Oat is non-comedogenic and is not known to increase the risk or predisposition to acne. Nourish Oat can also be used in dryness induced by acne treatment.
Nourish Oat should be applied once, twice or up to three times a day depending on the severity of dryness, environmental conditions and presence of inflammatory skin conditions.
The lotion form is less dense and apt for full body application and regular daily routine use. The cream form is very useful in defined severe dry skin areas and specific areas associated with inflammatory skin conditions.
Oatmeal has been around since the Egyptian-Roman time! Its skin protectant properties have been documented and studied from as early as 1930s. Oatmeal based products have been used by several thousands of people over many years without any significant adverse effects. Oatmeal also has been standardized and approved by US FDA as a skin protectant.
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