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About Wockhardt Dermatology
Wockhardt Dermatology
Wockhardt dermatology a division of Wockhardt Limited is committed to provide best in the field of dermatology. With the basket of skin care & hair care brands we improve quality of life of the people. Skin & Hair requires special care & attention as different conditions of skin & hair have social & psychological implications on people hence for good looking & healthy skin as well as for healthy hair we has range of products...
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With our R&D centre & manufacturing sites, we are dedicated to provide products with high standards of safety & efficacy...
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Our Range of Products

Gainehair 2%/5%/10% Solution
Rational combination with unique micronized particle technology for the treatment of all patterned Hair Loss.

Gainehair Alpha
Hair Growth Serum which controls the factors responsible for hair loss & stimulates hair growth. It also provides nourishment & strength to hair.

Novophane Plus
A holistic treatment approach for Healthy hair with blend of essential nutrients.

Depiwhite Cream
An internationally acclaimed treatment for Melasma, Hyper-pigmentation conditions Photomelanosis with unique Antipollon advantages.

Depiwhite Eye Contour
Internationally acclaimed treatment for under eye dark circles & Eye bags.

Depiwhite Masque
Medicated peel of Masque for uniformity of Skin complexion, Skin glow & treatment of Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation.

Zinderm BPO
A synergistic combination for mild to moderate Acne & comedonal Acne with patented target & time released microsphere technology.

Zinderm AN Gel
For the First time in India a unique combination for treatment of moderate to severe Acne & infected Acne without any resistance.

Sper / Sper Optimum
Barrier optimized sunscreen lotion which provides sun protection from both UVA & UVB rays & enhances natural shade of your skin, available as SPF 26 & SPF 50+.

A revolutionary therapeutic treatment option for Vitiligo which offers quicker melanogenesis and regimentation.

Nourish Oat Cream
Nourish Oat cream is an advance formulation for long lasting moisturization benefits with goodness of oatmeal extract.

Nourish Oat Lotion
Nourish Oat lotion with goodness of oatmeal extract moisturizes dry skin naturally, restores normal pH of skin & restores soft supple skin texture.
*Consult your Dermatologist/Cosmetologist to know the right product for you.
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