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About Nourish Oat

Nourish Oat Cream & Lotion is formulated to answer the specific need of dry skin conditions. Nourish Oat contains Oatmeal Extract. Oatmeal is renowned for its multiple benefits emollient, moisture retaining, anti oxidant, anti inflammatory and skin cleansing properties.

Nourish Oat Cream

Nourish Oat Cream is formulated to answer the specific need of dry skin conditions with hydrating, protecting & Nourishing properties of Oatmeal extract, which helps to restore the skin’s softness & suppleness.

Nourish Oat Lotion

Nourish Oat Lotion is formulated to answer the specific need of dry skin conditions which effectively hydrate & maintain skin‘s moisture content. Provides wholesome nourishment and visibly more appealing softer skin.

Oatmeal and its extracts have been recognized and used since ancient times and have been widely studied for their moisturizing, soothing, nourishing and skin protecting properties.

Oatmeal contains a variety of components and benefits:
  • Beta Glucans which forms an occlusive and protective barrier on the skin which helps retain moisture and reduce irritation and itching.

  • High amounts of Proteins and Polyunsaturated fats compared to other cereals which help to strengthen the skin’s mechanism to lock moisture in cells and prevent water loss.

  • Natural anti oxidants like Flavonoids and Vitamin E which also protect skin against UV radiation in sunlight.

  • A special class of anti-inflammatory substances called ‘Avenanthramides’ which reduce skin redness, irritation, itching and swelling.

  • Substances called ‘Avenecins’ which are cleansing and antifungal in nature.

  • Contains vital minerals, vitamins and enzymes to nourish the skin.
Conditions for Moisturizer Use

Nourish Oat is indicated for use in dry skin

The causes of dry skin include environment and lifestyle related causes like extreme temperatures, dry weather, long hours in AC, recurrent use of soaps and cosmetics, Vitamin deficiencies in diet, and environmental pollution. Young Children, Elderly and Menopausal women are more prone to developing dry skin. In such cases Nourish Oat is the ideal moisturizing and nourishing lotion for skin protection, soothing effect and to prevent dry skin and itching.

Dryness of skin may be seen in any weather conditions and seasons as multiple factors play a role, and Nourish Oat is a skin protectant and nourishing agent for use in all seasons. Diseases like Eczema, Atopic Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Ichthyosis, Hypothyroidism, certain tumors and auto-immune conditions also cause dry skin. Here there is damage to skin cells which affects its mechanism of moisture trapping and preventing water loss. These conditions are associated with lot of dry skin, irritation, itching and chances of infection. Therefore along with the specific and prescribed treatment for the particular disease, Nourish Oat cream further helps in reducing irritation and itching and provides soothing effect and skin protection.


The efficacy and safety of Oatmeal has been studied across a wide population and a wide age group including infants. There are several published studies documenting its useful properties as well as its safety and very good skin tolerance.

Oatmeal extract composition has been standardized and has been approved by US FDA as a category 1 and Skin protectant ingredient in skin products.

How to Use

For managing dry skin Nourish Oat lotion/cream is to be applied once or twice a day. However if prescribed by a Doctor for a specific dry skin condition, it should be applied as advised by the treating Doctor.

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